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Q: How did you come with the storyline for the movie?


A: Jillian Bullock, the writer and director of the movie was watching “Sports w/Bryan Gumbel” when they featured a segment about military veterans who used mixed martial arts as a way to help them cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. As someone who trains in MMA Jillian thought that would be the perfect story for her to tell. However, when she was doing research to write the script, Jillian learned about the epidemic that is going on in the military regarding military sexual assault and rape. As someone who was raped when she was younger, this subject hit Jillian hard. She changed directions of her script and focused more on PTSD and military sexual trauma.


Q: Who is the primary target audience for A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives?


A: Men and women over the age of 16 who enjoys a good drama. But it’s especially for veterans and current servicemen and women, their family, friends, spouses. Plus, anyone who knows a veteran or a current member of the Armed Forces.


Q: What makes your movie different?


A: Two things: Military sexual assault from a woman’s perspective and a man’s perspective. Also, the controversy twist at the end.


Q: How did you raise money for filming?


A: Mainly through fundraisers and out of pocket money from Producers, Jillian Bullock and Delayne Powe, and Executive Producer, Joseph Hunter.


Q: What are interesting facts about filming?


A: It took a year to complete the movie from December 2015 to December 2016. Cast, crew mainly worked on weekends.


Q: As you go around the country and promote the movie through speaking engagements and showing clips from the movie what topics are you focused on?


A: The movie deals with PTSD, military sexual assault and the aftermath of what happens to these veterans and to active military personnel. These are the topics I speak about, along with Mike Beason, who will accompany me at times during the promotion. He is in the movie portraying himself. Mike is a veteran and a military sexual assault survivor, who suffers from PTSD.


Q: What is your goal for the movie?


A: Of course to secure a distribution deal so the movie can be seen my millions of people all around the world. But also, to bring more awareness about the epidemic that is going on in the U.S. military with the number of sexual assaults and rapes that occur each and every day. To highlight how PTSD affects not just the person who is living with it, but their families, friends, co-workers, spouses, children, and society as a whole.


Q: What was the defining moment when you knew you had to make this movie?


A: After I saw a quote by Dick Kirby, the award winning director of so many great documentaries, including “The Invisible War,” which focused on sexual assault in the military. Kirby said: “It has been a huge problem for decades. They've known [rape] was an issue since the 1970s. Historically, they deny the problem, blame the people who come forward, and cover it up.” Afterwards, I bought the DVD and watched it. It was impactful and it made me want to do honor to the veterans and the men and women who currently serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.


Q: Why did you decide to do ASOP as a feature film and not a documentary?


A: With documentaries you have to stay true to the subject matter, no give and take. It must be true, accurate, and usually told from the perspective of the subject matter. With a feature film, although my movie is inspired by true events, as a director I can shape the type of story I want to be told. I wanted my movie to be educational and informative, but also entertaining.


Q: You went from a PG-13 rating to an R rating. Why?


A: Due to the subject matter, post-traumatic stress disorder and military sexual trauma, I didn’t want to pull any punches, nor did I want to sugarcoat anything. The ugly truth about what goes on in the military is what I wanted to expose and bring more awareness to. To do that I had to keep the movie raw and real, right up to the ending which I’m sure will be controversial. The movie is definitely for audiences over age 16.


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